Brother Printer Ink XL - Everything You Need to Know

Printing is an essential task for both home and office users. As technology evolves, we often find ourselves searching for ways to save time, money, and resources in what can be a confusing search. Brother, a leading printer manufacturer, offers a solution with its XL printer ink cartridges. But what exactly is the XL option, and how can it benefit you? In this article, we delve into the specifics of Brother's XL ink, explore why printer ink is so expensive, and compare the cost with other brands. We hope you find this helpful!

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What does XL mean on a Brother printer?

The XL on Brother printer cartridges means 'extra large'. The cartridge has a larger volume of ink compared to the standard cartridges. XL cartridges are designed to last longer, so that you can print more pages before needing a replacement, yay! It doesn’t necessarily mean that the physical size of the cartridge is larger, it’s the capacity of ink inside that is increased. So if you’re worried the cartridge won’t fit in your printer, don’t worry, it will, and you can always contact us to double check.

Why is Brother printer ink so expensive?

  • Quality and Consistency: High-quality printer ink ensures vibrant, consistent, and long-lasting prints. The research and development Brother invests in to produce this quality comes with costs, which are passed down to the consumer.
  • Printer Pricing Model: Often, printers are sold at relatively low prices, almost at a loss, with the understanding that the manufacturer will recoup the costs through ink sales over the printer’s lifespan.
  • Built-in Technology: Brother's ink cartridges come with chips and other technologies to communicate with the printer, ensure optimal printing, and prevent counterfeiting.

XL Savings: Opting for the XL cartridges provides a significant saving in the long run. Even though the upfront cost is higher than standard cartridges, the cost per page is generally lower with XL cartridges. So, if you print frequently, investing in XL cartridges can lead to notable savings over time. That’s something we could all do with!

Brother printer ink XL replacement

  • Own Brand: These are cartridges produced by Brother themselves. They're specifically designed to work seamlessly with Brother printers and provide consistent quality. Given that they're from the original manufacturer, they tend to be more expensive but offer guaranteed compatibility and performance.
  • Branded / Generic: Here at we have high quality generic Brother XL printer ink cartridges that can save you money on both fronts, we are a trusted printer ink supplier with expertise since 2005. For example, here is a full set of Brother LC3219 XL inks at a lower price from a local supplier to boot!

Is Brother printer ink cheaper than HP?

The cost comparison between Brother and HP ink is not straightforward as it varies based on models, regions, and deals available. On average, Brother and HP inks are competitively priced, with both offering standard and XL options. It’s worth noting that while the cartridge price might be similar, the number of pages a cartridge can produce (page yield) can differ. To make a proper comparison, users should look at the cost per page rather than the cartridge’s upfront cost. You’ll see all the details you need under the product description, and if not, just contact us for the info you need.


Brother's XL ink cartridges offer an excellent solution for those who print frequently and are looking for ways to reduce costs without compromising on quality. Our branded / generic printer inks in XL are a great choice to go with for your printer. While the initial investment in printer ink, whether from Brother or other brands like HP, may seem steep, the long-term savings and quality of prints make it a worthy investment. Before making any purchase, it's always a good idea to research and compare based on your printing needs, but also, contact us, your local ink shop, for advice anytime!

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