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See our listings at the bottom of this page for all of our Pantum printer ink cartridges, and we answer your top questions on Pantum printers below!

What is pantum?

Pantum, a global leader in printing solutions, but who are they? Founded in China in the year 2000, it now boasts 80 global locations. Their printers include A4 to A3 , monochrome to color, single function to multi-function and hardware to solutions printing. You can read all about them at their company profile page. Most recently in 2022 they won The BLI Winter 2022 A4 Pick Award (Buyers Lab) for the Pantum BM5100 series as 'Outstanding MFP for small workgroups'. Here at we sell Pantum printers and we sell the ink and toner to go with various models which you can browse via our listings below.

Pantum toner price

The price depends on what type of ink cartridge you want to buy, we always recommend with toner to purchase the XL or XXL option (if available) that gives you more ink at a lower price, and even better savings with our own brand PA110 Pantum printer ink at That XL Black Toner, prints up to 2,300 pages, impressive! Let's contrast that price with another Pantum toner, like the Original Pantum PA110 Toner, this one prints up to 1,500 pages. Be sure to check the tab with compatible printers to make sure it's compatible or just contact us and we are happy to help.

Why is my Pantum printer not printing?

While we can't be sure why your printer isn't printing, we can certainly point you towards the official support number for Ireland, just visit and select Ireland from the dropdown. The number listed there at the time of writing is 01 5255507. Of course it might not be anything too serious, and at the risk of sounding like a popular TV show catchphrase, always turn it off and on again as this is surprisingly effective when machines temporarily glitch. Otherwise you can follow the support manual for your Pantum printer depending what error it's giving, you can use the official link at to get the manual for your printer model and troubleshoot from there. It's much easier than it seems, once you have an error code most manuals will inform you exactly what is causing the issue and you can resolve it from there.

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