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UTAX was founded in 1961, Germany. The company was the first to market many staples of technology we now take for granted, or have even evolved beyond like the electronic printer, and the first electronic desktop computer. UTAX printer systems today show an impressive range of printing ability, as displayed at from their A4 black and white (mono) printer sending out 35 pages per minute, fast! To their A3 mono printer with 60 A4 pages per minute, they of course also have colour digital printers but when it comes to digital mono printing they truly exceed, making these printers the perfect choice for those with heavier printing requirements so that they can save money and precious time at work.

If you are looking for UTAX printer toner just browse below or type your UTAX model name into search to see a full list of compatible toners for your printer. Our own-brand compatible ink is super high quality and if you have any queries just contact us, we are happy to assist you!

UTAX printer app

You can download the UTAX printer app for iOS and Android below, you will also find their UK website support pages including downloads, drivers, instructions manuals etc. at

Mac/iOS: UTAX mobile print iOS app download link

Android: UTAX mobile print Android app download link

Printer ink for your UTAX printer model

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