Canon Pixma MG3650 and MG3650s printer ink guide

Both the Canon Pixma MG3650 and MG3650s are compact all-in-one printers. They offer a number of advantages, aside from size and stylish looks. With these printers you can enjoy fast, high quality printing. You can copy and scan - not an option with all printers - and can print on both sides of the page. An added economy is that both allow the option of XL ink cartridges, which reduces running costs. And both are easy to connect to whatever you need to print from. You can even print from your smartphone or tablet.

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What’s the difference between the Canon Pixma MG3650 and the MG3650s?

Both printers have the same physical dimensions. Both print 9.9 pages a minute monochrome, or 5.7 pages a minute in colour. Both have the same impressive connectivity.

In truth there are very few differences. The MG3650s is an upgrade of the popular MG3650, and as that was a good printer to begin with, there was little to improve upon.

One of the major differences is that the original came only in black, whereas the upgrade comes in black or red. Another difference is that the S model, the newer version, can take both the regular ink cartridges, and the XL ink cartridges. XL are no larger than regular cartridges, but do hold more ink, making them more economical.

Canon Pixma MG3650 manual

The days of needing to go through pages and pages of a printed manual are passing, but printers are increasingly complex. They require special software downloads to connect wirelessly to phones and tablets, and there are other issues. Luckily Canon have online manuals to make the process as easy and painless as possible.

Ink cartridges for Canon Pixma MG3650

What ink does the Canon Pixma MG3650 use? What about the Canon Pixma MG3650s? Like all printers, you need the correct ink cartridge, or it won’t fit in, and your printer will not work. Luckily at, we know how important it is to get that right, and we have done the research for you.

See our category pages for your model below or use the table to go directly to your ink cartridge and buy online.

Printer ink

Printer model

Canon (1 x PG-540XL & 1 x CL-541XL) multi pack

Canon Pixma MG3650, Canon Pixma MG3650s

Canon (1 x PG-540 & 1 x CL-541) multi pack

Canon Pixma MG3650, Canon Pixma MG3650s

Original Canon PG-540XL Black ink

Canon Pixma MG3650, Canon Pixma MG3650s

Original Canon CL-541XL Color ink

Canon Pixma MG3650, Canon Pixma MG3650s

Original Canon PG-540 Black ink

Canon Pixma MG3650, Canon Pixma MG3650s

Original Canon CL-541 Color ink

Canon Pixma MG3650, Canon Pixma MG3650s

Just click on the links above for compatible ink cartridges!

Changing ink on Canon Pixma MG3650

Like all inkjet printers, there is a knack to changing the cartridges. There are two cartridges in the printer, and luckily it is not a difficult knack to master.

  • Press the on-off or power button, and it will begin blinking in green, showing you it is safe to open the cover at the side of the printer. 
  • Then there are two inner flaps to drop. 
  • The cartridges will then shoot across their guiding bar, ending up at the side of the printer. 
  • You simply flip the clip and remove the cartridge, then replace it with the fresh one. 
  • Flip both clips back in place, and close the printer. 
  • Job done. It should take less than a minute.

Canon Pixma MG3650 problems

An inkjet printer is a complex piece of machinery, and of course there will be occasional problems. Luckily most of them are easy to solve. An error code will display and you just need to check what you do when you encounter that code, and follow the instructions. Troubleshooting with Canon printers is not normally difficult.

Some problems you might encounter could include the printer not moving, power not coming on, or shutting down by itself, the printer not connecting with devices, or prints and scans being unsatisfactory. But the problems are not common and are often easy to solve.

Just click on the Canon support code to see the solution immediately to fix your printer.


The Canon Pixma MG3650s is an updated version of the popular Canon Pixma MG3650.

Both are highly efficient inkjet printers that deliver high quality prints - including borderless full colour prints - from a compact and stylish printer that offers easy wifi connectivity. Whichever you choose, at we will be able to pair your machine with the perfect ink, for quality results and economic use.

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