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The Epson Expression Home Printer range is ideal for everyday purposes - documents, holiday snaps, to-do lists, even high quality graphics. With this range you can enjoy the freedom of printing from laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Some of the printer range are wi-fi equipped, making printing so easy.

With this range you can produce vibrant and clear prints reliably. And there is another advantage - the Expression printers use a series of ink cartridges, not a single colour cartridge. What this means is that when you run out of red, you replace red. Not the entire set. This keeps your costs down, and you get the full value from each cartridge.

The printers use either four, five or six cartridges of ink. They integrate easily into home or small office thanks to their compact and stylish design. And the micro piezo printhead ensures sharp quality with each print.

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Which Epson Expression is best?

There is a wide range to choose from, and what is best for one situation might not be the best choice for another. At we would be glad to help you make that decision. But let's look at the popular models in the range.

1. Epson Expression Home XP-2200

This is a compact 3-in-1 printer with one black and three colour cartridges, and is a bit cheaper than some of the more advanced models, but is very easy to use, with wireless printing, even without a network. 

2. Epson Expression Home XP-3200

This printer gives great performance for a compact machine. At close to six pages a minute full colour, and ten black and white, it is a bit faster than the XP-220. 

3. Epson Expression Home XP-4200

This printer holds double the amount of paper of the lower end of the range, and can print on both sides. 

4. Epson Expression Home XP-5205

This multifunction printer impresses with easy double-sided printing, and an even bigger paper storing cassette. And it is compatible with Apple AirPrint2

Does Epson Expression Home have ink?

The Epson Expression Home range are inkjet printers. In contrast to laser printers (which burn toner onto the page) this range uses inks in the cartridges. This allows for better blending of colours, and is easier on the pocket when it comes to replacing the cartridges. 

Is the Epson Expression Home an inkjet?

There are two types of printer - laser and inkjet. The Epson Expression Home range are inkjets. They have cartridges of ink which are forced through tiny pinholes in the printhead onto the page. The range uses an on-demand piezoelectric system. There are 180 nozzles for the black ink, and 59 nozzles for each of the colour cartridges (cyan, yellow and magenta). The system allows a minimum ink droplet volume of just 3 picolitres, making for very precise and high resolution printing.

What ink does the Epson Expression Home use?

We have put together a table with a sample of ink cartridges compatible with models of the Epson Expression Home range of printers. Multipacks offer great value when purchased together, if you need a single cartridge or different printer model just search our website using your printer model and you will see all compatible printer ink for it.

Ink Cartridge

Epson Expression Home

Epson Chillies 503 High Capacity BCMY Multi Pack Ink Cartridge 28.4ml - C13T09R64010

Epson Pineapple 604 High Capacity CMY/BK Multi Pack Ink Cartridge 20.9ml - C13T10H64010

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How to change ink on Epson Expression Home

Changing the cartridges can be intimidating for non-techies. But if you open the printer in the right way, it will automatically deliver the cartridges to where you need them to be. And it is a simple matter to pop them out. 

Then pop the new ones in, and make sure they click into place. Then close the printer again, and the machine does the rest.

That sounds easy. It will vary slightly from model to model, so the best thing is to look at the manual and follow the simple steps. And if you have any doubts, the best way to resolve them is on YouTube. You will find very simple demonstrations there to make switching cartridges so easy.

But this is a vital skill to learn. These printers use multiple cartridges, which will run out at different times. So it is important to know how to swap the old ones out for fresh ones.

Epson Expression Home software

Please see the official support pages below for popular models of the Epson Expression home range, this includes software downloads, manuals, drivers and more.


The Epson Expression Home range is perfect for domestic use, and good enough for a small office. Because of the multiple cartridges they are quite economical to use - you only replace the inks you run out of, not the lot.

This compact printer is an inkjet with sharp printing and good colour blending, making it perfect for printing out the holiday snaps. And whether you go for the basic model or the top of the range, the Epson Expression Home printers are good value, easy to use, and offer great connectivity for ease of use.

Get in touch and we can advise you which one will suit you best.

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