Generic Printer Ink

Generic printer ink can be such an affordable solution when compared against the expensive cost of branded ink. Here at we provide an array of own brand generic printer ink that you can trust! In this article, we would love to answer some of your questions around this product. As always, we are ready to assist you just contact us.

Best generic printer ink, is generic printer ink any good?

There's a misconception that generic or third-party ink cartridges are of inferior quality compared to the original manufacturer's ink. However, the truth is, 'it depends'. Some generic inks indeed offer similar, if not the same, quality as original branded inks. We certainly endeavour to meet the highest standard of generic printer ink with our own-brand generic printer ink solution.

This gives you an affordable way to buy printer ink, from a trusted local brand in Ireland that are experts in printer ink since 2005.

Does Generic Ink Damage the Printer?

A common concern among printer owners is whether using generic ink might damage their printer. We definitely don't want that for you! Our generic printer ink is designed to be compatible with your specific printer model. Make sure you've selected the correct cartridge for your printer by using our easy search facility, just type in your printer model, and if we have generic printer ink to suit it, it will appear in the search results. Super easy!

How to Use Generic Ink in Epson Printer?

Generic ink is installed in the exact same way as original branded ink for your Epson printer. If you'd like, you can learn about how to install Epson ink cartridges on our full guide to buying Epson printer ink. We even have XXL versions of generic Epson printer ink to save even more!

How to Use Generic Ink Cartridge in HP Printer?

Again, first make sure you use an expert provider of generic printer ink like, and use the correct one for your printer. For HP printers, the best source of information on their secure printer ink technology is on their page, HP Printers - Dynamic Security enabled printers. If you have any pre-purchase enquiries, especially around HP printers and security technology just contact us for more information.

Printers that Use Generic Ink

Here are some of the generic own brand printer inks we provide as an alternative to your original branded options:

  • Epson
  • Brother 
  • OKI
  • HP
  • Canon
  • Dell
  • Kyocera

It's essential to check your printer model and ensure compatibility when purchasing generic ink. If using our search facility, a tip is to just put 'own brand' into your search and you will see the generic / own brand printer inks.

Generic Printer Toner

In addition to ink cartridges, there are also generic toners for laser printers. Just like with ink, generic toner offers significant savings over original branded toner and typically maintains a high standard of print quality.


Generic printer ink is an excellent alternative for users looking to get quality prints without breaking the bank. While some apprehensions surround its use, most concerns can be alleviated by purchasing from reputable suppliers like and ensuring compatibility. With the right generic ink, you can enjoy consistent, high-quality prints at a fraction of the cost. We hope this helped, contact us with any queries around own brand printer ink, we can answer any queries you may have around this product!

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