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Printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids on earth. Forget Chanel Grand Extrait, or Remy Martin Cognac. It is more expensive than perfume or top shelf booze. Forget petrol - even at the height of the summer, printer ink was more expensiveAs a comparison, petrol is still under E2 a litre in most garages, and Absolut Vodka is E45 a litre. If you want to go for a better drink, vintage Dom Perignon is E280 a litre. Chanel No 5 comes in at over E3,000 a litre, but printer ink is almost twice this cost, at over E5,500 a litre.

It is one of the biggest costs in printing, which is why it is so vital to use your printer correctly, and have the right cartridges. No one wants to waste such a precious commodity. All manufacturers recommend that you use only the proprietary cartridges and ink reservoirs. But we do know that you can get refilled cartridges which will work well most of the time. There are alternatives to expensive cartridges.

Which brings us to G&G.

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What does G&G mean?

G&G Image Global was set up in 2000, and the name was chosen carefully. The two Gs stand for Good products and Good services. Clever name. And they live up to it. The name contains the basis of the brand’s long-term development - an insistence on delivering high quality products and services.

G&G has grown to a global brand delivering high standard inks and printers to more than 200 million customers in over 170 countries.

Who makes G&G printers?

G&G printers are made by one of the world’s largest corporations in the field. Ninestar is a Chinese company that is now the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of laser printers. Founded in 2000, the corporation has been focused on the printing and imaging industry for two decades. It is one of the top 500 companies in China, with a market cap of more than E10 billion, and an annual revenue of E2.85 billion. It is hard to argue with those numbers. They produce and sell a huge number of printers and ink cartridges. 

Is G&G a good brand?

Many years ago the stamp Made In China stood for shoddy knock-off products. But not any more. Today China is one of the industrial powerhouses of the world, producing huge numbers of high-end products. Sometimes we forget just how ubiquitous Chinese products are. But the odds are you are wearing Chinese socks right now. 80-90% of all socks worldwide come from China, most from the city of Hangzhou. They have also come to dominate in tech manufacturing. Iphones are made in China, and Huawei has shown that they can manufacture high-tech products on a budget.

When we think of G&G, this is the Chinese manufacturing we mean. G&G is a very good company producing high end printers. But they cost a bit less. Win win for the consumer.

G&G Toner Review

Need an alternative to HP laser printers? We (Inkshop.ie) recommend trying a G&G Image printer. 

Never heard of G&G Image? It might surprise you to know that they are one of the largest manufacturers of inks & toners in the world. In fact their parent company Ninestar is the fourth largest laser printer manufacturer in the world. G&G image is just one of their brands, a list which also includes Lexmark and Pantum. While G&G Image are primarily Ninestar’s printer consumable manufacturing arm, they have recently released a range of high quality and excellent value mono (black only) laser printers. Here are two printers from that range that we recommend for small to medium businesses.

When choosing a printer, there are 3 important factors to consider, price point, functionality and most importantly, running cost. Price point can change depending on whether the manufacturers are running promotions so the pricing described here is an average range of what you might expect to pay for these types of printer. In terms of functionality both of these printers (and the HP printers used for comparison) print black only, can do automatic double sided printing and have Wi-Fi (and USB) connectivity. The difference between them is that one is print only and the other can print, copy and scan. The HP printers used for comparison have similar functionality and specifications.

G&G Image printers vs HP printers price range comparison chart

See the table below for G&G vs HP price range comparison.

G&G Image printers

Price range

HP printers

Price range

P4100DW (print only)

€249 to €349

Laserjet M404dw (print only)

€275 to €399

M4100DW (print, copy & scan)

€349 to €449

Laserjet M428dw (print, copy & scan)

€399 to €599

So far so good for the G&G Image printers. Next, let's have a look at running costs. For convenience, both of the G&G printers use the same toner cartridges as each other and similarly, both of the HP printers use the same toner cartridges as each other. A small caveat, the page yields are provided by the manufacturers and are based on approx 5% page coverage (an industry standard) so you might not get these exact figures but they’re useful for comparison purposes at least.

G&G Image vs HP ink cartridges comparison chart

See the table below for ink cartridge value comparison between G&G printer ink cartridges vs HP printer ink cartridges.

G&G Image cartridges

Page Yield

Toner cost 

Approx cost per page









HP cartridges

Page Yield

Toner cost 

Approx cost per page









Another win for G&G Images! It’s easy to see why we at inkshop.ie happily recommend these G&G Images printers over similar HP laser printers. 

G&G Toner cartridge price

G&G remanufactured cartridges can replace a lot of brand-name cartridges, and still produce crisp and clear images. The toner is as good, but manufactured at a lower cost. That saving can be passed on to the consumer. G&G produce toner cartridges for many leading brand printers, including Canon and Brother. Use our table below to get today’s price and to order online.

G&G Ink cartridges

See below available G&G printer ink and compatible printers.

G&G Ink Cartridge

G&G Printer Model

Original G&G GD410X Drum Unit (No Toner included) 25,000 Pages

P4100DW, P4100DN

Original G&G GT410A Black Toner 3,000 pages

P4100DW, P4100DN, M4100DN, M4100DW

Original G&G GT410X Black Toner 6,000 pages

P4100DW, P4100DN, M4100DN, M4100DW

See above links to G&G printer ink on the left, and all G&G printer supplies per printer model on the right.


Business is all about the bottom line. If you can cut costs without cutting quality, you are on to a winner. For many years we avoided products made in China, but today we have to acknowledge that China has not only caught up, but moved forward. Chinese rockets have landed on the moon, and brought samples home. 

G&G Image Global is an example of Chinese innovation at its absolute best. The toner cartridges the company produces can save you money while giving very good results. At inkshop.ie we are always looking for the best for our customers. Chat to us and we can advise if G&G will work for you.

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