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Memory cards are handy storage devices that are commonly used with phones, games consoles, computers and of course, cameras. In fact some cameras even accommodate multiple memory cards. Such a feature provides peace of mind if photographing weddings for example, where an instant backup to a second card could prove invaluable. Many of us also need to expand the limited storage of our devices, and these cards provide an easy and reliable way to do it, we all want to avoid the dreaded 'Your storage is full' notifications! But what memory card is best for my device? And what are the different types of memory cards? Below we discuss and please contact us with any queries.

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SD memory cards

SD memory cards are some of the more common types of memory card, they come in different brands and sizes/storage specifications. SD stands for 'Secure Digital' a proprietary format, and you'll be familiar with the sub-types which include SD, miniSD and microSD. This may sound a little overwhelming if you're not sure which type goes with your device, so let us help below! And if you're unsure, consult your devices user manual, or call into us and we can assist you in-person from our Cork store.

Memory cards for phones

Android smartphones do feature microSD card expansion slots, not all of them, so be sure to ask when you upgrade or change your phone. For those Android phones that do feature a microSD slot, you can expand your storage by a whopping 1TB! More than enough for even the highest photo or video quality settings. This article offers great advice on the top phones with expandable storage. 

While your Apple phone won't feature a memory card slot like the above, they do support the connection of a USB card or an SD card reader. From there, you can select photos and videos to export, and simply tap to do so. To help you with this, Apple have helpful support pages so the first one explains how to connect an external storage device to your iphone (, and the second support page helps you to export your photos and videos onto it. ( While a more cumbersome task than an in-built memory card slot, it does achieve the freeing up of space on your iphone and also could be a convenient way to then connect the memory card to a laptop for example for those using iphones to shoot video for example, and then taking these really large files to edit on laptop. It also creates an archive of family photos and videos that can be stored on the card, which some people may prefer over using cloud storage. It's nice to know that even in the case that your phone doesn't have an in-built memory card slot, you still have options to manage your files in the way of your choosing, to suit your own preferences and workflow.

Memory cards for cameras

Now we're really getting serious! The file sizes involved with RAW format photos, or 4k videos are no joke. And when it comes to cameras, the question isn't only what size the card is for the storage of such files, but very much the reliability of the memory card too, an equal or perhaps even more pressing concern. After all having a lot of storage on a card isn't much good if the card is prone to getting corrupted. For example, our Samsung EVO plus microSD card is magnet proof, temperature proof, waterproof and X-ray proof! These features will improve reliability no matter what the shooting conditions. Impressive indeed, this card is also capable of storing the equivalent of 24 hours of 4K UHD video, 78 hours of Full HD video or 150,300 photos. With an adaptor a microSD card can fit a standard SD card slot.

High speed memory cards

The speed of a memory card refers to its read/write capabilities when transferring files. Samsung have provided us with a great real world example, so where a superfast read / write speed, up to 100mb / 90mb per second might not mean much to us, when described as a 3gb video transferred to your laptop in just 38 seconds that makes a lot more sense. Just look at the specifications of your memory card to find out what the read / write speeds are and whether they will be quick enough for your needs depending on the size of the files you're transferring or writing to.

Buy memory cards online

You can buy memory cards online from, and if located in Ireland we have low cost An Post postage from our Cork store, so you will be receiving your item as quickly as possible with minimum fuss.


While all phones don't feature an in-built memory card slot, some preferrring to offer cloud storage as a solution to the 'your storage is full' issue we all face, it's nice to know you can still take control over your storage by using an external card reader attached to your phone if it's supported. In the lucky case you do have an internal slot, be mindful of the type of card you need including size, and of course for those professional users like photographers and videographers, you need to make sure your card is reliable, not prone to corruption due to temperature or weather conditions. You can even expand the storage of gaming consoles and many devices, which is a really budget friendly way to reduce your cloud storage bills and also give you more control over your data or ability to create an 'offline' archive of your family photos and videos. Feel free to contact us at with any queries and we are always happy to offer our expertise!

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