Are brother printers inkjet or laser?

We will answer your question on Brother printers specifically of course, we wouldn't do that to you, but if you are here on the broader question of inkjet vs laser printers our blog covers it in-depth. Now, let's get to Brother!

Brother laser printers

We stock two Brother laser printers, though we supply printer ink for many more. They are the Brother HL-L2375DW mono laser printer, A4 and the Brother MFC-L2710DW multifunctional Laser, A4. Brother laser printers use toner to print, this ink is heated onto the paper and it's a perfect method for a home office or for any business with heavy printing needs. Toner cartridges are also longer lasting because they aren't liquid, so don't dry out over time, meaning you can stock up at a time best for you!

Toner is a fine dye power that is melted onto the paper. Unlike ink, which is sprayed onto paper through fine jets, toner creates a crisp, resilient and long-lasting image. 

Toner can hold a static charge, which allows it to be transferred to paper by an electrostatically charged drum unit. From there, the substance is fused to the surface of the paper with heated rollers. This printing process was initially used in photocopiers, but the technology was modified to create the first laser printer in the late 1960s. Though things have advanced, modern laser printers essentially use the same method. official website - do laser printers use ink or toner

The features of the Brother HL-L2375DW are below, it's a real powerhouse of a machine if you need high printing capability at a low cost.

Brother HL-L2375DW Features

Product colour

Black, Grey

Print technology



Mono printing

Market positioning

Home & office

Duplex printing


Maximum duty cycle

15000 pages per month

Recommended duty cycle

0 - 2000 pages per month

Printing colours


Page description languages



Brother MFC-L2710DW or Brother HL-L2375DW laser printers printer ink (compatible with both!): Own Brand Brother TN2420 Toner, prints up to 3,000 pages

As you can see, when it comes to Brother laser printers, they are not only a reliable brand, but the use of toner makes them economical and fast even at high volume printing. Now let's take a look at Brother inkjet printers.

Brother inkjet printers

Brother inkjet printers do use ink cartridges. Perfect for high quality, vibrant printing, Brother inkjet printers use a liquid based ink to achieve high-quality results. 

We have Brother printer ink cartridges for their inkjet printer range, see our examples below and just click in to see Brother printer ink prices, you'll see compatible printer models in the tab if you want to check compatibility with your printer model:

Our inkjet printers offer high quality printing with increased colour definition – the perfect choice if you print colourful documents. The inkjet printers we offer provide a wide range of features to help make your life easier. -


As you can see, it's worth thinking about what you need from your Brother inkjet v laser printer before selecting one. Are high quality graphics and colour important to you? Or is it more important to have high volume, smudge free printing with longevity in toner shelf life? We can help you to select the best printer and printer ink for your needs, and always happy to assist, just contact us!

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